Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Books... A thing of the past or a tradition that will continue??

Like any source of media, technology changes and the manner of which we recieve this media either adapts to the change or is left behind. But are books doomed in our future?

If you ask most younger people in America, they will most likely tell you that they do not read for pure enjoyment... in fact, they are more likely to be forced to read a book for a class or assignment. But I'm not one to talk, I would rather have something told to me or shown for the reason that I recieve the information much faster than reading it. But does this mean that everyone else feels the same way? Of course not! There are many people that read for the knowledge held in its pages, for the entertainment they get from the words and even to just get away from the world and enter a different one.

I do not believe that books will pass on in the world of media. So long as there is a written language books will be written and reproduced all around the world. Sure, the manner in which they are created may change such as the creation of audio books and internet articles and blogs, but regardless someone has still written most of those on some form of paper at one time. Who knows what the next step in the evolution of literature is, for all I know it could be turned into holograms that seem to float in the air for people to read like it would in some Sci-Fi movie. But nevertheless the industry of publishing will most likely have to shift gears into whatever form of publishing it may turn into. But I am certain that paper books will still be published for many, many more years to come. I mean, seriously, our cities build huge libraries for a reason and retail stores like Borders and Barnes & Noble for a reason... to have books available to the public to rent or buy.

I don't think that books will be going anywhere any time soon... unless some hippie organization starts some huge protest over the use of their paper, then it might change to plastic pages or something haha... jk


Anonymous Lilly Buchwitz said...

I hope you're right, but that's how people talked about vinyl records twenty years ago.

5:18 PM

Blogger Jessica Chavez said...

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8:48 PM

Blogger Jessica Chavez said...

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8:50 PM

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